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TheBigDeal Chicago - Sales Brochure

Web Marketing/Deal Site

This brochure for TheBigDeal Chicago, an innovative start-up inckuded established signature cartoonish look/messafe to clearly convey their "barter marketing" concept. The purpose was to help the sales staff to convince merchants to exchange their goods and services for marketing and goods for sale on the deal site. Please click on box below to see brochure.

Concept/Creative Director/Copywriter

I was becoming concerned that appropriate sales materials were not being provided. Joyce immediately saw this crucial need. She solicited input from Sales and Senior Staff and me. By the end of her first day, she had created a rough sales brochure that synthesized our complex business model into a storybook-style sales brochure that is a hit with the customers and the Sales Staff."
- R. Gordon, Sales Manager, TheBigDeal Chicago

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  • TheBigDeal Chicago - Sales Brochure
TheBigDeal Chicago - Sales Brochure